Ready to shift your blocks, own your power and live on purpose?

Create success on your terms, and unapologetically live a life of freedom and abundance.

Soul, Alignment + Intuition

Marnie teaches three aspects to owning your energy and answering your soul call.

Soul is about discovering the essence of you, and owning the power of your shadow and your light. Alignment is the way to release limitation, raise your vibration and manifest your desires. Intuition is how to sync with your soul to live with purpose and create the life you desire. This process of aligning your life – and your business – with your light flows through everything Marnie creates.

Kind Words


I really love talking about intuitive and soul-aligned business, purpose, mindset, and manifesting. If you’d like to feature me or have me on your podcast or blog, please get in touch.

Things I like to write and talk about:

Energy in business

All the stuff no one tells you about how to flow not force!

How To Do Biz Your Way

The importance of you in your business

Spiritual and Successful

You can be both!

Intuition in Business

How to get where you’re going faster

Manifestation in business

How to create more of what you want and to work out what’s stopping you


Short Bio

Award-winning author, Marnie McDermott, works with coaches, healers, and spiritual biz babes from all over the world who want to do meaningful work in the world, while also unapologetically living a life of freedom and abundance.

She helps people get clear on their purpose, brand message and business model, and create soul-aligned strategies for success on their terms. Marnie teaches her methods in the Glowpreneur Academy. She started her business after leaving her high-flying career in business, pr and branding, and loves sunsets, beach walks, and riding her bike around Nelson with her darling Mr Mac and their dog Coco in tow. Find her at