Your intuition is a goddess-given gift to guide you home

It's time to awaken your intuition and live a soul-aligned life

Learning to activate, tune-in, and trust your intution is your goddess-given right.

The Intuitive Soul mentorship is a soul-deep and transformational private coaching experience over 8 weeks. I want to guide you to discover your Intuitess and honour her guidance. It is the opportunity to turn the volume up on your intuition so you can hear it clearly. I will guide you to develop your sixth-sensory skills, and work through the blocks and limitations keeping you from creating a life aligned with your light.

I will share my own personal practices for tuning into your soul messages, and the specific tools and techniques I have used in my professional career as a psychic intuitive and soul coach over the past decade.

Intuitive Soul mentorship details

The Intuitive Soul mentorship is a private, 1:1 coaching starter program that includes four guided sessions over eight weeks:

Session 1 : Meet Your Intuitess

The simple truth is, we are all sixth sensory, we simply don’t know how to recognise our intuition when it shows up in our lives.

In this session we will meet your Intuitess – the divine aspect of your feminine energy that is the voice of your soul – and we will discover which of the primary soul languages she speaks to you in.

You’ll learn which of the ‘Clair’ senses come naturally to you, how the Intuitess uses them to communicate with you, and how to spot them in your life. If they wish to reveal themselves, you may also meet the angels, guides or beings of light supporting you right now.

Session 2 : Activate your Intuition

This session is all about turning up the volume on your intuition. We will look at how to raise your vibration and achieve the optimum state for clearly receiving your soul messages.

You’ll learn about the mind, body, spirit practices that will best support you to be a clear channel for your intuition. And we will practice activating and accessing your primary ‘Clair’ senses.

Session 3 : Trust your wisdom

This session is about bringing awareness to the biggest blocks, patterns or beliefs that cause you to distrust yourself, and dismiss your intuitive guidance.

You’ll learn how to recognise the fear-based patterns that dull your intuitive voice, and the ways in which you may suppress your energy or distract yourself from your soul truth. The goal of this session is self-empowerment and awareness so you can know your guidance and trust it.

Session 4 : Intuitively-aligned action

Now that you have learnt to recognise, activate and trust your intuition, we finish by designing your intuitive plan for moving forward.

This will include your own personal rituals that suit your lifestyle and will help you continue to develop your intuition. We will also work with one issue or area of your life where you feel at a crossroads, and we will discover the intuitive guidance for moving forward and design your soul-aligned plan.

You’ll end your coaching journey:

  • understanding your unique six-sensory gifts
  • knowing your own intuitive languages and how to interpret them
  • understanding the process for activating your intuition
  • aware of the blocks stopping you from acting on your guidance and how to shift them
  • with a soulful practice that helps you weave intuition into your everyday life

This is for you if you are ready to activate your intuition, and you want the support and guidance to start trusting your intuition as a tool for transforming your life.

What’s included?

The Intuitive Soul private mentorship includes:

> Eight weeks of soul-deep coaching and support

We create the sacred container for your intuition to flourish. With this type of dedicated focus and love-filled intention you can expect your intuition to show up in abundance.

> 4 x 60 minute private coaching sessions

Following the session guide above, I will support you, guide you, share my knowledge, and help you to become BFF’s with your Intuitess. Each session will be immersive, expansive and mystical, as well as grounded, practical and transformational. I will guide you through energy clearing rituals, meditations, activations, healings and more to help you amplify your intuition and trust her guidance.

> Resources + guided activities

After each session you will receive notes of your session, including soul guidance received, as well as intuitive worksheets, resource material, meditations, and recommended practices to strengthen your intuition between sessions.

> Weekly Support

We will have a weekly mini check-in via email or FB Messenger for the duration of your program. This is an open door to further support in between sessions, and is especially useful to get guidance, ask questions, or check in on major in-the-moment insights.

> Access to my own personal tools, practices and intuitive methods

I’ll be teaching you my own personal techniques for tuning in to your soul messages, and the specific tools and techniques I have used in my professional career as a psychic intuitive and soul coach over the last decade. You won’t find what I teach you anywhere else.


Investment: 2 x monthly payments of $595 NZD

My coaching packages are normally six or 12 months in duration, and start at investments of $4500.

But I absolutely know that our intuition is the secret key to the beautiful lives we want. That’s why I deliberately packaged this as an accessible starter program – both in terms of timeframe and investment.

If you want in, click the link below and introduce yourself, tell me what you hope to gain from the Intuitive Soul program. I’ll get right back to you with further details.

I’m Ready



When will the coaching sessions be? My coaching days are Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday during business hours in the New Zealand timezone. I always do my best to make the options that work best for you available for our calls.

How do we do our coaching sessions? My clients are based all around the world, and our coaching calls will be via the video calling option of your choice. Most people find Skype or FB Messenger easy ways to connect, or we can use Zoom.

How do I make the payments? Your program instalments will be due on the first of each month for the duration of your program. You will receive an invoice with payment details.

What happens if I need to cancel after we’ve started? Please decide carefully, as once you have committed to the program I am unable to refund change of mind.

Do I have to already be intuitive to benefit from this program? You don’t have to think of yourself as intuitive, but you will need an open mind and heart, and be genuinely intrigued to learn more about your intuitive gifts.

What if I have other questions? You can contact me here. 


Your intuition is the secret key to more ease, more grace, more beauty, more abundance, more love, more happiness, and more of everything you desire in your life.