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Every year Blissed is used by women around the world to live more intuitively guided, authentic and soul-aligned lives.

Blissed is a soul alignment and manifestation method that guides you to live with more clarity, intention, and spiritual awareness, and inspires you to take purposeful action to manifest your goals and live your happiest life.

There are two parts to Blissed. In part one you connect with your soul vision, and get clarity on your life dreams for the year ahead, and in part two you focus month-by-month and week-by-week on living with soul, taking action towards your goals, and consciously manifesting your best life.

Part guided journal, part weekly goals planner, and part manifestation journal, Blissed is the kind of soulful and practical tool you’ve been craving to help you:

– be more in-tune with your intuition and soul wisdom
– find more purpose and meaning in your life
– get clarity on your dreams and desires
– set meaningful goals and go get them
– get organised, keep focused and take action
– manifest your highest potential
– weave soulful rituals into your life
– flow with the seasons and lunar cycles
– be more mindful, grateful and intentional in your life

Blissed is like nothing else you’ll see. She balances the feminine energies of purpose, intuition, seasonal and lunar cycles, and manifestation, with the masculine energies of planning, goals, actions, and monthly and weekly planning.

No longer is life about what you ‘think’ you have to do, be, get or achieve. What matters so deeply is the dreams that live in your heart, your soul’s deepest desires, and the choice to live your life, your way. Blissed is like your own sacred map for the year ahead, the place where your soul dreams and hearts desires can grow.


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The perfect planner to keep you inspired, intentional, and living a soul-aligned life.


This love-laden planner and journal is packed with playsheets, journaling prompts, goal planners and monthly rituals.

In Blissed you’ll find a minimal layout and soulful inspiration throughout with brush lettered quotes and unique designs. She is designed for you to take your own journey, your way. Guided, but not too prescriptive, with space for you to flow and make her your own. In part one you connect with your soul vision and life dreams for the year ahead, and in part two you focus month-by-month on living with soul and consciously manifesting your best life.


– An introduction to Blissed
– Notes to inspire and guide you
– Part 1 – The Blissed Map
– Part 2 – The Blissed Rituals
– Monthly energy themes, lunar cycles, seasonal quarters
– Hand-drawn illustrations and quotes to inspire and guide you


– Space for oracle card spreads, soul guidance, intuitive wisdom and inner connection
– Life planning sheets in each of the four Blissed life areas: purpose + spirit,  health + wellbeing, love + relationships, lifestyle + living
– Space to declare your vision, intentions and goals for the year ahead


– Seasonal energy, intentions and goals
– Monthly planning calendars,  featuring new + full moon dates, mercury retrogrades, solstice and equinox events
– Weekly planners, including goals and to do lists, habits trackers, manifesting, self-care and gratitude
– Monthly soul guidance, intentions, goals and to-do’s
– New Moon manifesting, Full Moon releasing and monthly gratitude practice


360 pages
A5 (approx 220mm tall x 155mm wide)
Light hardcover with gold foil stamp
Lay-flat spiral binding
90gsm uncoated white paper for easy writing
Designed and printed in New Zealand

The story of Blissed

More than 15 years ago I intuitively developed a method for soul-alignment and manifestation that I now call Blissed.

I wanted to let soul lead my life. I wanted to honour my intuitive wisdom. I wanted a clear vision and purpose for my life. I wanted more balance, harmony and happiness. I wanted to create my dreams and manifest with ease. I wanted structure and plans, but not too much. And I wanted to stay anchored and aligned to my highest potential. But I wanted to do it in a gentle, feminine way that honoured my energy and nature’s cycles.

Back then I was at my lowest point – consumed with anxiety, depression, going through divorce, and completely disconnected from myself. But the more I experimented with the method you now find in Blissed, the more everything started to change. I got clarity on my purpose. I manifested the pay increases I needed to set myself up for life beyond working a 9-5. I attracted my soul love Mr Mac. I was led to the teachers and guides (in person and in spirit!) who would help me come home to me. I manifested money, clients, book awards, and basically anything I wanted – including my big dream, living coastal. I am now a multi award-winning author, and work with women around the world in my own business.

Blissed was birthed into the world in 2014, and since then she has been loved by women all over the world. Blissed is more than just a planner or journal. She is energy in flow. A soul creation from my heart to yours. A beautiful guide on your journey home to you. My wish is that she wedges firmly in your heart, and becomes the sacred space for your dreams and wild ideas to ground and grow.

Marnie x

Just so you know…

The 2021 Blissed journal is only available via pre-order, it is not in stock and will be printed to order with delivery from late-November. This is a time-limited offering and once sold out she is gone until 2021. Please place a pre-sale order before 16 November to ensure you don’t miss out.

FAQs, delivery + returns

Isn’t Blissed just a diary?

Blissed is a guided journal and life planner. I’m a fan of big dreams, but I’m also about the practical action to make things happen. Blissed is a potent combination of both. Part one is about diving deep and knowing what you want, and part two is about intentionally bringing those dreams into being month-by-month.

How do I know if Blissed is the planner for me?

First of all, trust your intuition. If you’re feeling the inner nudge, you can bet your spirit has lead you right here. If you’re ready to change your life in every way, and you like a mix of dreaming + doing, then Blissed is the kind of practical and soulful life tool you’re looking for to guide your next year. If you are looking for a day planner or diary, Blissed is not that. But she is a dream creator, soulful life planner, goal tracker + manifestation journal. She gives you monthly and weekly planners to keep focused and organised.

Who creates all your lettering and quotes?
Me! I love dreaming up new inspirational quotes every year, and I love sitting with my brush and inks to bring those to life and then working with my amazing graphic designer on the layout.

Why is Blissed only available via pre-sale?

Blissed is printed to order to take the guess work out of how many copies are needed. No additional stock will be carried and once pre-orders close Blissed will be gone until 2021. If you want her, please order now so you don’t miss out.

When will pre-orders be filled and when will I get Blissed?

After pre-orders close on 16 November, Blissed will be sent to print. All orders will be posted commencing 25 November in advance of Christmas mailing deadlines. All purchasers will be kept up-to-date via email. Blissed is sent via regular post, not express or tracked. Please note, delivery can take up to 5 working days within New Zealand, and up to 15 working days internationally – though sometimes longer at peak times and due to Covid delays.

How will I be notified when Blissed ships?

Your order will be updated to ‘complete’ once it has been dispatched. You will receive an email when that happens. The delivery timeframes above will apply from that date. If your parcel does not arrive in those timeframes please email

What currency is Blissed sold in?

Blissed is sold in New Zealand dollars.

What if I don’t have PayPal?

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What if my order is damaged?

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