Soul Happiness Meditations (MP3)

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Through this calming CD let the loving, ethereal voice of spiritual teacher and internationally acclaimed author, Marnie McDermott, guide you to awaken your inner self, inner purpose and divine bliss. Designed for busy lifestyles, let this beautiful series of Soul Happiness meditations  – from Marnie’s acclaimed book, Soul Happiness: The 11 Secrets of Living with Purpose – take you on a Soul-deep journey; filling your spirit with loving light and peaceful harmony, and creating the space for purpose, passion and fulfilment in your life.

Please note: this is the digital MP3 product.



This series of meditations will guide you to connect to the deepest aspects of your Soul and help you reveal your truth, unearth your inner beauty and create radical change. By unlocking the secrets of your authentic self, you too can live a life of passion, purpose and full-blown fulfilment.

In Marnie’s signature down-to-earth style, these meditations balance the spiritual with the practical. It has been created to lead you through six short, intensely powerful meditations designed to connect you to the power of your Soul. Averaging five minutes long, these meditations are designed to fit around busy lifestyles.

For an optimal experience, the tracks are best experienced in the order presented. Listen to the first track on day one, morning and evening. On day two listen to the second track, morning and evening. And so on. Repeat this cycle as often as desired. You may also skip tracks or focus on those you feel most drawn to. For a deeper experience of relaxation, love and peace, listen to the entire CD as one session.

Professionally produced, these meditations feature Marnie’s voice set to tranquil backing music.

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Product Details

Format: MP3 digital
Length: 26.37 minutes

1. Welcome Happiness
2. Make Peace
3. Shine Brightly
4. Embrace Purpose
5. Make Miracles
6. Soul Connection